Industry Focus

Collective Growth Partners, LLC has core expertise in retail, fashion and consumer goods, with complementary expertise in technology, media and sustainability. By integrating our knowledge across these practices we offer a forward thinking approach for your business, focusing on the path ahead, without being constrained by legacy assumptions.

Retail &Omni-Channel

Customers expect to shop “anywhere, anytime, anyplace” with a seamless shopping experience.

A compelling shopping experience is key to optimizing business potential. Retailers who best interpret data, understand consumer’s preferences and exceed expectations will be the winners. Digital gets people into the store, and enhances the shopping experience. Our team has deep expertise in omni-channel, brick and mortar, brands, digital, mobile, social and direct commerce.

Consumer &
Fashion Tech

Consumer tech has been a major part of our economy for years now and is only accelerating!

Fashion tech is growing with new applications and wearables that promise vastly greater social connectivity. They will have the ability to execute commands and become our assistants. New software already helps us manage our fitness, but will soon help us manage our diet and health. As technologies evolve, we will be there to help you understand how to place them into an increasingly complex market place.

Lifestyle &

Brands that engage & touch consumer sensibility, culture and consumption are increasingly important.

In a hyper-competitive market for consumer and merchandized products, the creation of brands that touch all aspects of consumer sensibility, culture and consumption is important. “Lifestyle” brands create and drive engagement, stickiness and, ultimately, value. Many paths exist for brands to expand and maximize their potential. We will support the creation and execution of your lifestyle strategy.

Renewables &
Clean Tech

Renewable energy and clean tech are the fastest growing sectors of the energy industry.

Renewable energy and clean tech are priorities in all industries of all sizes. Renewables like solar, wind, geothermal, and hydro + biomass and biofuels represent the fastest growing sector of the energy industry. As the industry grows and matures, those participating in any capacity (financial partners, offtakers, developers, governments) will require guidance to achieve their business objectives.

& Digital Media

The media universe is rapidly changing. Adhering to outdated models is a competitive disadvantage.

The media universe is changing at an unprecedented pace. Outdated models will put your company at a severe competitive disadvantage. Digital disruption means multi-platform expertise is key. We’ll guide you in: digital business & content, digital music, virtual and augmented reality, streaming services, OTT video services, mobile content & commerce, social app communities; ad tech and digital advertising.

Connected Commerce
& Rewards

Consumer loyalty can be built on gratitude and branding of corporate values like sustainability.

Consumer loyalty is fragile and challenging. Surprise and delight are still powerful, particularly when applied to payment methods and reward programs. Well-designed reward programs can complement a choice in payment options. Rewards do not have to be limited to transactional point systems; they can be used to fund positive social change and create a value alignment between customers, brands and retailers.

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Collective Growth Partners, LLC offers deep industry expertise combined with operating experience earned in c-suites, start-ups, Wall Street firms and accelerators.

With partners from multiple disciplines and industries, Collective Growth Partners crafts a bespoke approach for each client, employing thoughtful strategy and seamless execution to achieve short-term goals and long-term vision.

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